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Utility billing

4 usd

After entering the tenant’s data, you will receive a professional utility billing as PDF, which can be printed and archived.The creation of bills is straightforward, intuitive and clear.For faster creation you can directly use your contacts from the phonebook and the app will predict inputs as best as possible.Just enter move-in and move-out dates, the square meterage and the costs of the apartment, and the app will calculate the utilities for period of time (if the tenant stayed for more than 365 days, the maximum of 100% of the costs will be taken).Inputs:You have the option to use the predefined points, to modify them, or even to add more points.Depending on the expense, the tenant’s costs can be entered in different categories:-Costs of the apartment (area and time, e.g. heating)-Costs of persons (persons in the household and time, e.g. waste)-Costs of tenants (direct credit, e.g. electricity)
After you have created a bill, the inputs will be stored locally and can be edited or copied, or be used as a template.This makes it even easier to create similar bills in the future. The finished utility bills can be printed directly from the device, sent by email to you and the tenants, or just be displayed and stored.
In summary:-simple and fast creation of utility bills-preview to check the bills-saving and reusing of data-professional bills-creation of PDF documents-move-in and move-out possible on every day of the year -add individual cost items-different currencies (e.g. euro, pound, dollar, AUD)-no restriction on use
If the app does not fit for your utility billing, please contact me to talk about changes!
By using the app, you agree that the author accepts no liability for any damage caused in any form.